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ReynaerPro by Logikal

Full control of your projects with ReynaerPro by Logikal

Process your orders swiftly, efficiently and with ease
  • Logikal guides you and your employees reliably through the entire process.
  • Get a clear and complete status update of planning, production, and processing at any time.
  • All your employees know what to do.
  • Enable your employees to tackle complex projects with ease.
How it works

System Selection And Construction
Create all elements rapidly and easily. ReynaerPro by Logikal constantly checks whether everything fits together. Take advantage of our database with over 700 suppliers for profiles, fittings, and fixtures.
System Selection And Construction
After you've selected your supplier and components ReynaerPro by Logikal determines working hours automatically. At this stage it only takes a click of a button to calculate a quote.
Preparing Production
When you are ready, prepare your production with one click. The documents and design drawings from the elements you entered are automatically exported and all machine control data is provided.
Order Processing & Production Planning
Review your order with your client.
Ordering Parts
Ordering is easy with ReynaerPro by Logikal.

ReynaerPro by Logikal

ALUMILCAL is more than just a software

Increase productivite, profitability and gain a competitive advantage with AlumilCal.

AlumilCal® is a complete processing and production software tool for the fenestration industry. It has been specifically created for Alumil systems' database and it gives the ability to fabricators to evaluate costing & production purposes for the windows or doors they need to fabricate. It offers high performance and reliability that any forward-thinking company can rely on to increase profitability and gain a competitive advantage.
AlumilCal® hosts new features, process enhancements, and technological advancements to deliver a solution perfect for every kind of window fabricator. Built on the latest technology and supported by many years of experience, AlumilCal® is the most advanced software in the window and door industry today.
Advantages of FSTCut4

  • Cost Estimations and Analysis
  • U-value reports and CE documentation
  • Work preparation reports
  • Assembly Lists
  • Cutting Lists
  • Optimization based on standard Alumil Profiles and other lengths
  • Connection with Saw and CNC Machines
  • Barcode and Label printing
  • Cross-section while editing positions
  • Implemented CAD (2D) module
  • Interface connection with Excel spreadsheets
  • Interface to connect Autodesk Autocad


Calumen®: the new Saint-Gobain Glass portal, designed for you to easily find the glazing adapted to your needs.

Calumen is a digital simulation program that helps you to calculate or determine the light, energy, thermal or acoustic performances of your glazing; or to find a suitable glazing for your project based on its performance values.
A new and more complete configurator
Simple, elegant, ergonomic, CalumenR allows you to compose all the glazing of your project. Many technical data have been added and give a complete view of the performance of your glazing: aesthetic, thermal, acoustic, light and environmental.
Open your eyes
In addition to technical performance, glazing determines the design of a building. In addition to the classical samples and to limit their environmental impact, Calumen® allows to visualize the aesthetics of the selected glass products.
Special Products
Thanks to Calumen®, you can now find fire rated and high security glass and download the tested report (only accessible after profile verification by Vetrotech® teams) Also get more information on our other solutions to help you design the best glazing system for your project (dynamic glazing, privacy on demande, "warm edge" spacers).
A choice is always difficult. To guide you, CalumenR offers different ways to compare glazings and to visualize the results.
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