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When Ludwig Hatschek invented fiber cement in the late 19th century, he combined the basic elements of the earth: mineral materials, water, air and fire (heat) in a simple fifiltration process. He named the resulting material ¨Eternit¨, hinting at the superior durability of this new material. The mother company, Etex, has been manufacturing fiber cement materials since 1905. The most prestigious incarnation in this proud heritage of unique materials is the EQUITONE® facade material range.

The Hatschek production process makes each EQUITONE facade panel unique with an individual fiber cement texture.

Today EQUITONE has a full range of through-colored, untreated fiber cement materials. Leading architects of our time are exploring and transforming the EQUITONE material in remarkable facade designs.

EQUITONE facade materials offer unparalleled design flexibility. The fiber cement material is through-colored, which means the surface displays the inner texture and color of the core fiber cement material. No matter what facade design options you explore, the through-colored materials can be transformed into crisp, monolithic facade details.

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